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Why American Discount Tableware?

"Wow! Great customer service and prices that can't be beat. Thanks American Discount Tableware."
- Cary, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"When we opened our second restaurant we went straight to American Discount Tableware because they had the best selection at the best prices."
- Andie, Chicago, IL



When the occasional calls for sophistication in a shatterproof form, American Discount Tableware® has just the thing. From shots to full-size tumblers, we have a wide assortment of plastic, break-resistant beverage ware. Both decorative and practical, they’re the perfect solution for upscale outside entertaining.

Image Item Number Description Case Pack Approx. Shipping Case Weight Case Price Quantity
SW-1440-1-CL 12 oz. (12.5 oz. Rim-Full), 3.5" Rocks, 3.5" Tall 2 doz. 21.00 $101.91
SW-1441-1-CL 14 oz. (14.5 oz. Rim-Full), 3.25" Beverage, 5" Tall 2 doz. 22.00 $110.91
SW-1442-1-CL 16 oz. (17 oz. Rim-Full), 3.25" Beverage, 5.5" Tall 2 doz. 23.00 $116.91
SW-1448-1-CL 5 oz. (5.45 oz. Rim-Full), 2.25" Juice, 3.5" Tall 2 doz. 16.00 $63.67
SW-1439-1-CL 9 oz. (9.5 oz. Rim-Full), 3.25" Rocks, 3.25" Tall 2 doz. 18.00 $98.92


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