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Why American Discount Tableware?

"Wow! Great customer service and prices that can't be beat. Thanks American Discount Tableware."
- Cary, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"When we opened our second restaurant we went straight to American Discount Tableware because they had the best selection at the best prices."
- Andie, Chicago, IL

Specialty Stands

Specialty Stands

A New Way to Serve Classic Favorites!

Transform any meal into a memorable occasion with an innovative collection of Specialty Stands from American Discount Tableware®. Our Specialty Stands are available in a wide array of fun and whimsical shapes, sizes, colors and finishes, and represent an original way to serve pizza, cupcakes, snacks, fruit, French fries, appetizers, cakes, desserts, and other tasty snacks. American Discount Tableware® also carries Specialty Stands with fish and crab ornaments that are ideal for serving hot-and-cold seafood and shellfish! Don't delay...order yours today!

Image Item Number Description Case Pack Approx. Shipping Case Weight Case Price Quantity
4-21646 17.75" x 5.5" Rack for 6 Take Away Cones, 4.25" Tall, Chrome
2 ea. 7.00 $28.93
4-92065 14.5" x 7" Ferris Wheel, 18.5" Tall
1 ea. 8.00 $30.35
IR-510 10" Black Round 1-Tier Pizza Stand, 7" tall
24 ea. 52.00 $485.19
IR-511 Black Round 3-Tier Pizza Stand, 18.5" tall, holds 11" Pizza Pans
1 ea. 10.00 $62.21
IR-512-BK Reversible Stand for Round Bowl or Plate, 9" top dia., 7" bottom dia., 7" tall
6 ea. 17.00 $82.71
IRB-110 13" Round Wire Cake Stand, 9" tall
1 ea. 10.00 $41.02
WR-100 15" Bottom, 12" Middle, 9" Top 3-Tier Small Cupcake Stand
1 ea. 13.00 $78.75
WR-101 18" Bottom, 15" Middle, 12" Top 3-Tier Small Cupcake Stand
1 ea. 17.00 $132.61
WR-103 5-Tier Riser Kit, includes 2 Platters and 2 Wooden Riser Rods
1 ea. 18.00 $138.92
WS-10 12" Wire Stand for Bowl Display, 8" tall (fits WS-11 for Tiered Display)
Stainless Steel
4 ea. 23.00 $240.70
WS-11 8.5" Wire Stand for Bowl Display, 6" tall (fits WS-10 for Tiered Display)
Stainless Steel
4 ea. 16.00 $182.75
WS-4 Chrome Wire Plate Holder, 9.5" top dia., 6.75" bottom dia., 4" tall
Stainless Steel
40 ea. 31.00 $178.32
WS-7 9.5" Chrome Wire Plate Holder, 10" top dia., 8.25" bottom dia., 7" tall
Stainless Steel
40 ea. 43.00 $204.80
WS-9 8.5" Wire Stand for Bowl Display, Includes Fish and Crab Ornaments, 6" tall
Stainless Steel
4 ea. 14.00 $154.52

All plates, bowls, baskets, cups, etc. are sold seperately


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